Japanese SEM

Simply translating your current keywords and ad copy is not an effective strategy for Japan. Localization to natural expressions that capture the subtle nuances of the Japanese language is vital to achieve results.

Experienced Japanese SEM Agency

March 2018
At Wasabi Communications we have over 15 years’ experience in providing Japanese SEM for international clients across a number of verticals. Whether you need a specialized local partner to manage the entire paid search process, initial support in establishing and planning your paid search activities in Japan, or consulting on how to optimize your current campaigns, we are here to help.

Japanese SEM

March 2018
Running Japanese SEM campaigns can be a challenge, both structurally and linguistically. For a start, the Japanese paid search market differs considerably from most other major markets. It may surprise you to learn that Yahoo! Japan competes on equal footing in the local search market with Google, and in some areas even surpasses it. Together these two search engines make up 90% of all searches in Japan. As a consequence, to maximize the reach of your Japanese paid search campaign your budget should emphasize both Yahoo! Japan and Google.

To truly succeed in the Japanese market though, you need a native speaker who can both identify the correct keywords for your campaigns as well as develop compelling ad copy targeted for a Japanese audience. Our multilingual staff are all certified, paid search professionals who can provide both the linguistic and strategic assistance necessary to meet your organization’s Japanese SEM objectives.

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March 2018

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