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In recent years, social media has come to more closely resemble traditional communication channels such as television and newspapers. What was once a revolutionary, new way for people to interact and connect with one another facilitated by the internet has now become a major part of our day-to-day lives.

Businesses, who eventually came to embrace social media following their customers’ lead, have had to deal with additional change from the early days of social media. In the face of falling organic reach and engagement on many platforms, organizations that utilize social media as an important element of their marketing are coming to rely more and more on paid social media advertising to grow awareness of their brand and drive traffic to their website or online store.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

The biggest benefit to utilizing paid social media advertising is that it will afford your business greater reach than by relying solely on the low organic reach provided by most social networks today. This means, when done correctly, more potential customers and users can be introduced to your business, brand, or product. Selecting the right platform, or mix of platforms, to reach your customers and convey your brand’s message is therefore an important decision for your organization. As nearly all social media services offer paid advertising options, evaluating the suitability as well as the ROI of social media advertising depends not only on your industry, but also on your unique business situation and specific objectives.

The real value, in social media advertising, however, lies in greater targeting and attribution models. While television, for example, has a tremendous amount of reach that is hard to match, the ability to target a very specific demographic or group of people is less refined than with social media. Using paid social advertisements, you will be able to focus your marketing and advertising on potential customers, based on a number of criteria and metrics, in order to hone in on individuals who are more likely to be interested in and receptive to your message.

Developing a Winning Social Media Strategy

Taking into account your organization’s specific business objectives, we can help put together a custom social media strategy for your brand in the Japanese market.

As part of this process we analyze the current social media performance of both you and your closest competitors to identify opportunities for new content as well as the most suitable platforms to reach your intended audience.

Being a Tokyo-based digital agency, we also provide you with insider insights regarding trends and cultural considerations that can affect your brand’s messaging for any content or campaigns you may create for the Japanese market.

Managing Social Media in Japan

When it comes to social media management in Japan, having a native Japanese speaker at the helm is essential for best results. Given the nature of sharing, collaborating, and interacting that is inherent to social networks, there really is no substitute for someone who can communicate with potential Japanese customers or followers, in any type of situation, in the most natural and appropriate manner.

Not only does the Japanese language have various forms of honorific and polite speech but it is a highly contextual language, where nuance depends on many factors beyond word choice. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough that language is critically important for establishing trust as well as in establishing a strong brand image in Japan.

Performance Monitoring

Social media can provide a wealth of useful data for your business. However, the issue many businesses struggle with is analysis of this abundance of data.

We help you to select the metrics which will allow your leadership team to make informed, strategic decisions in addition to helping you understand how to interpret and utilize your social media data to drive results.

Social Listening

Interested in finding out how your customers or potential customers in Japan perceive your brand? Social listening and sentiment analysis can be used to better understand your customers as well as improve your product or services. As a multilingual agency, the issue of language is not a problem, as we analyze the Japanese data and report our findings and insights to you in English.

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