Strategy for the Japanese Market

Developing a strategy specifically for the Japanese market is one of the most difficult tasks for foreign companies. Many non-Japanese companies, both those who are planning to enter and those who have already entered the Japanese market, find themselves unprepared for the unique obstacles that Japan presents. Most are totally unfamiliar with Japanese business practice and culture, and as a result lack the prerequisite level of understanding needed to truly succeed in the market.

Well-known problems for many non-domestic companies include the notorious language barrier, lack of proper localization—not only of their company website but even their products or services—as well as a belief that success in their own country will translate into similar success within the Japanese market. There is also a strong tendency to underestimate the level of upfront investment necessary to establish a competitive presence in Japan. For some organizations a Japanese business partner can be valuable in providing varying levels of assistance to this end. However, even a Japanese partner may not necessarily be properly equipped to deal with all of the issues your organization may face in doing business in Japan as a global company.

Over the past 17 years we have worked with numerous global companies and brands who have entered Japan with high expectations, and equally high ambitions, yet found themselves struggling to make an impact in the market for one reason or another. Our team is made up of bilingual English and Japanese native speakers who are skilled in facilitating cross-cultural communication and possess extensive knowledge of both Japanese and global markets. This allows us to work closely with decision makers and stakeholders, both abroad and in Japan, providing them with insights, guidance, and strategy development in either language. As a boutique marketing and strategy agency, we are able to address your organization’s specific needs for the Japanese market by offering tailor-made services that enable you to meet all of your business objectives.

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